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This is a beautiful resort whose great attractions have significantly increased in number since it was opened in 1972. The fact that 20 million people have visited this place proves how popular it has become.

A constant search for new attractions has been a key factor for this park to stay open throughout the year as well as the fact that its original size has been expanded by ten times, as Parrot Park is located in an area of 135 000 m 2.

Its founder, Wolfgang Kiessling, has become an important figure whose name has spread beyond borders and his efforts are known worldwide. His excellent collection of some 3 000 parrots includes 300 species and subspecies approximately.

Some 700 parrots of these beautiful feathered animals form part of Parrot Park’s environment while the other specimens are intended for an important and necessary breeding centre.

This collection is so important that in 1994 it was donated by the centre’s management to the Parrot Park Foundation, an entity whose main goals are preserving endangered specimens of this bird and fund raising to conduct research studies aimed at implementing research and preservation projects on these species.

Walking around the facilities in this majestic habitat of extraordinary species always brings about moments of relaxation combined with the acquisition of knowledge and thus allowing visitors to enjoy a pleasurable and useful stay.

Architecture is in perfect harmony with natural landscapes and other spaces where man has contributed a distinctive touch. A good example of this is the futuristic design of the roof in the sea lions’ pond under which a magnificent show is presented to the audience who can also see it under the water level through the transparent panels of a 1.200 000 litre swimming pool.

Your visit should include the beautiful dolphinarium with remarkable attractions produced by the lovely dolphins from the Gulf of Mexico. This facility, with its three swimming pools, is considered to be the largest of its kind in the Old Continent.

The so-called Chimpland is the home of chimpanzees where they feel at ease in a 1 500 square metre area with water falls, abundant vegetation and even a lake as part of the environment.

Various thousands of species from the wide sea animal life live in the beautiful aquarium where there are also many species from the Amazon.

Walking through a tunnel while you watch some species of sharks with their usually impressive appearance is another attraction in Parrot Park, where there is a marked contrast between the world of sharks and the plentiful vegetation in a place that has become the home of gorillas, whose habitat has been created with the best of materials, underground heating and excellent ventilation. All this has been designed to favour reproduction of species, which is an extremely difficult task.

The prominent role of penguins in the so-called “Planet-Penguin” should also be noted. This is an Antarctic-like ecosystem where they are provided with a home imitating every detail of that of their own species in their natural icy habitat.

It seems that this park is harmoniously situated in the tropics due to the variety of ornamental plants exhibited, including the orchid garden. It would be a mistake not to mention the largest buildings made in the Thai style outside that country (“ Thai Town”), together with services offered to visitors such as the restaurant, picnic and shops area and other facilities to indulge every visitor’s tastes.

“OrcaOcean”, one of the greatest attractions in this tourist resort, was built in 2006. Tekoa, Keto, Skyla and Kohana are four third-generation killer whales that were brought from SeaWorld in the United States. These orcas captivate visitors not only with their jumps but also because of their relationship with their trainers.

In summary, Loro Parque ( Parrot Park) has been presented with many awards along its history, including the city’s Gold Medal by Puerto de la Cruz City Hall and Prince Felipe Award to Entrepreneurial Excellence.


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